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Blazers’ Practice Video Reveals Skinny Melo

Carmelo Anthony’s slim frame took center stage in a recent video from the Trail Blazers’ practice in Orlando.

Washington Wizards v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

A video of Trail Blazers forward Carmelo Anthony working out in Orlando revealed that the 36-year-old forward appears to be in shape heading into the NBA’s restart. In the video, Melo is shown running through drills and working on his three-point shot.

Prior to joining the Blazers in November, Melo appeared in just 10 early-season games with the Rockets in the 2018-19 campaign. This season, Melo has started in 50 contests and is producing 15.3 points per game.

With Trevor Ariza out of the rotation, Damian Lillard revealed earlier this month that Melo is expected to take over small forward duties in Portland’s starting lineup.