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Trail Blazers Orlando Restart Schedule Released

Portland’s first game will be July 31st against the Memphis Grizzlies.

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Portland Trail Blazers Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

The scheduled for the NBA 2019-2020 season restart in Orlando, Florida is being released today. Like each of the 22 teams participating, the Portland Trail Blazers will play 8 regular season games. 16 participants will continue onward to the 2020 NBA Playoffs, also at the Disney campus in Orlando.

Portland’s schedule for the summer reads as follows:

  1. July 31st vs the Memphis Grizzlies
  2. August 2nd vs the Boston Celtics
  3. August 4th vs the Houston Rockets
  4. August 6th vs the Denver Nuggets
  5. August 8th vs the Los Angeles Clippers
  6. August 9th vs the Philadelphia 76’ers
  7. August 11th vs the Dallas Mavericks
  8. August 13th vs the Brooklyn Nets

Portland holds a 29-37 record, 3.5 games behind the 8th-place Grizzlies in the NBA Western Conference. They’ll need to remain within four games of the 8th seed—either finishing 8th themselves or finishing 9th in the conference but still within 4 games of the 8th seed—to earn a spot in the play-in tournament to reach the playoffs.

For those curious, the average winning percentage among participating teams is 57.2%. The winning percentage among Portland’s eight opponents is 60.0%.

The Blazers play three Top 3 seeds among the conferences (Celtics, Clippers, and Nuggets), but neither of the #1 teams. They play no teams outside of the Top 8, thus no teams with a worse record than they.

Here are the schedules of teams Portland is racing against in the conference.

The Grizzlies Play:

Blazers, Spurs, Pelicans, Jazz, Thunder, Raptors, Celtics, and Bucks.

Combined Winning Percentage: 59.7%, with three teams the same or worse than they on the schedule.

The Pelicans Play:

Jazz, Clippers, Grizzlies, Kings, Wizards, Spurs, Kings, and Magic.

Combined Winning Percentage: 49.5%, with four teams the same or worse than they on the schedule. [ed. How cab you assemble a field of teams either making or close to making the playoffs but still give a team a schedule against opponents with a net losing record?]

The Kings Play:

Spurs, Mavericks, Magic, Pelicans, Nets, Rockets, Pelicans, Lakers

Combined Winning Percentage: 52.9%, with three teams the same or worse than they on the schedule.

The Spurs Play:

Kings, Grizzlies, Sixers, Nuggets, Jazz, Pelicans, Rockets, Jazz

Combined Winning Percentage: 56.6%, with no teams the same or worse than they on the schedule.

Thanks to @AJ_McCord and @WorldWideWob who had the Portland news first via Twitter.