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Which Trail Blazers Player Would You Want to Play Video Games With?

For SB Nation’s theme week, we ask who you’d want to play video games with.

2006 NBA Holiday Festivities Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

SB Nation’s theme this week is all about video games. During the coronavirus pandemic and social distancing, it’s possible that some of you are passing the time by putting in countless hours on your favorite console or gaming computer. In the spirit of video game week, we ask you: If you could play video games with any Portland Trail Blazers player, who would it be? And which game(s) would you play? Feel free to think outside of current players and games, too.

Here are some of my picks:

Damian Lillard / Wii Sports Boxing

Blazers star Damian Lillard is a known die-hard boxing fan. In March, he even made a public plea for a new boxing video game to be made for the latest consoles. Given this, it’d be extremely fun to face off with Lillard in the classic boxing game mode on the original Wii Sports.

CJ McCollum, Hassan Whiteside, Jusuf Nurkic / Mario Kart Wii

Another hallmark from the Wii! Mario Kart is best when played in a group, and I’m confident that every race with this trio would be full of healthy trash talk, competition, and downright enjoyment.

Meyers Leonard / Fortnite

Teaming up with former Blazers big man Meyers Leonard on Fortnite serves two purposes: One, I’m not at all good at the game, while Leonard is an expert, so he’d be able to help guide me to my first-ever win; Two, he just seems like an all-around great guy to hang out with.

Robin Lopez / Star Wars Battlefront II

This is where the fun begins. Robin and his brother Brook are the biggest of Star Wars fans, so much so that they took a one-day trip to Disney World in the middle of the season to be at opening day for Rise of the Resistance. As a huge Star Wars fan myself, I’d enjoy nothing more than playing alongside Robin on the franchise’s current main video game installment, Star Wars Battlefront II.

Let us know your picks in the comments below!