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Should the NBA Come Back?

Danny and Marcus Greaves from KOIN break it down on the latest installment of the Blazer's Edge Podcast.

CAIR-Minnesota Holds Rally For Justice For George Floyd Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images


On this week’s podcast, Danny Marang is joined by Marcus Greaves of KOIN-6 to discuss the recent leaks from NBPA meetings about regarding the possible return to play, the thought that players want to opt out of playing to try to keep focus on a civil rights movement, how some players believe that continuing the season is more beneficial, the Blazer’s chances of making it to the playoffs and more!

Opening comments

Could a healthy Blazers team catch a team (Lebron James & the Lakers) off guard? 2:00

Breaking down the idea of sacrifice during COVID-19 and projecting problems 4:30

Taking a look at the outline to return to play - “No One is Being Forced to Play.” 11:30

Looking at the reporting coming out of the phone calls and player’s meetings 14:30

Understanding what is currently going on in the US/World with civil rights right now 17:00

Platforming the movement with the league vs. opting not to play 19:30

What is the value that you have to figure out to say one option is better than the other? 24:00

How do you measure the net gain of not playing? 26:30

Would a sports blackout across the board be possible? 31:00

Carmelo Anthony wanting to pool resources and platforming a message 33:30

Listener Questions

Wearing sweats with the suit top? 41:00

Will any players have any kind of advantage in the bubble? 44:00

Veteran players vs younger players, and single players vs married players 46:30

CJ McCollum wanting contact practice early and the Blazers having to ready Day 1 of the season resuming 52:30

Rodney Hood looking great on Instagram returning to basketball activities 54:00

Something is off with the Nets - Marcus 55:30

Damian Lillard’s leadership mindset/mentality reminds Marcus of Kobe Bryant and Lebron James 59:00

Closing comments