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Best Fits for the Trail Blazers Come Draft Night & the Return Of Basketball

Steve Dewald joins Danny on the latest installment of the Blazer's Edge Podcast!

2007 NBA Draft Lottery Photo by Jennifer Pottheiser/NBAE via Getty Images

On this week’s episode of the Blazer’s Edge podcast Danny Marang is joined by Steve Dewald, Editor at Blazer’s Edge and draft driven vagabond to take a look at what the return to the season could look like for the Portland Trail Blazers. What might the entail? Will the Blazers actually get to play more games- if so how many? Do they have a real chance of surpassing the Memphis Grizzlies and rookie star Ja Morant? Then it’s a first look at Steve’s 2020 Draft Big Board - who will be available? Who is the best fit? Will there be a surprise Portland pick? What’s the value of a draft pick this year and a whole lot more!



Opening Comments

Does lettuce belong on tacos?

The return of basketball 4:00

Money talks 5:30

This isn’t about the best way to do it - it’s about what’s best for them collectively, that’s what the NBPA is there for 8:00

GM Survey 10:00

How many games will be played? 10:30

Will every team be returning? 12:00

Gearing up for the return 13:00

Jusuf Nurkic, Zach Collins & Rodney Hood have been working out thru all of this 13:30

Will there be a “Ray Felton” spotting around the league? 14:30

When will the season conclude? 15:00

Will it matter how “old” a team is when it comes to coming back into the season 17:30

Do you like the idea of a play-in tournament? 19:00

Could the Blazers get hot enough to make noise in a play in tournament? 20:30

Portland isn’t going down without a fight- on or off the court 23:30

Will Nurkic and Collins be ready when things come back? 25:00

How will the cap situation effect the Blazers going forward 26:30

Looking at the Draft 29:30

There will be guys selected in the Top 5 that will get executives fired 30:30

The Blazers have done well with value in their draft picks 31:30

Who are the guys that will be available between picks 10-16? 34:30

Aaron Nesmith & Saddiq Bey - “a guy who could play for Terry Stotts as a rookie” -Steve Dewald

Where could Portland draft? 37:00

Who is the absolute best fit for this Portland team in the draft? 38:30

Sneaky picks? R.J. Hampton 39:30

Guys to stay away from 42:30

Just Nurkic the Spirit Animal 47:00

Who could change the narrative on their season? 49:00

They have got to find a way to mic the floor 51:00

Watching “The Match” and the return of trash talk 54:00

Ridiculous trash talk from Summer League 54:30

Closing Comments