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WHAT About the Playoffs: Part 3

In the final installment of the WHAT Podcast 2020 Championship Bracket, we determine a winner for the season and fantasize about a Damian Lillard vs LeBron James playoff series.

Portland Trail Blazers v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Finally! Tara and Cassidy join Sasha Ashall and Jannelle Moore to declare a winner of the WHAT 2020 NBA Championship bracket. After a round for mascots and a round for uniforms, we focus on which teams have the coolest players in an effort to determine who would win in actual basketball games. Along the way we discuss who might be the coach of the Rockets next season, a surprising candidate for the coolest Laker on the team, and what is James Harden like off the court?

On our way to picking a winner we talk about how much we would love to watch a Damian Lillard vs LeBron James playoff series, who might be the most exciting matchup in the Eastern Conference Finals and how the season might actually play out.

After this episode we’ll be going on hiatus for a few months. Take care of each other and stay in touch by following us on Twitter @tcbbiggs and @cassidygemmet and @hoopsandtalks



:30 Whats next for WHAT

2:45 Championship bracket round 3, coolest players

5:00 Who will be the next coach of the Houston Rockets?

10:00 A surprising nominee for coolest Los Angeles Laker

19:30 What is James Harden like off the court?

21:00 Down to the final Four. Who wins Milwaukee Bucks vs Washington Wizards? Los Angeles Lakers vs Portland Trail Blazers.

31:00 Damian Lillard vs LeBron James in a playoff series would be the best show in town.

38:00 Possible endings for the regular season.

42:00 Chris Paul might be crabby on the court but he seems like a good person to be leading the players union right now.

48:00 Announcing the winner of the 2020 NBA Championship Bracket

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Music used in the episode: “Happy Alley” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License.

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