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Thank You, Tara

Blazer’s Edge bids fond farewell to one of its most amazing staffers.

Farewell, Tara!
TeamMom on Twitter

If you have not checked out this week’s editions of the Blazer’s Edge Podcast, you may want to listen for a couple reasons. First, they feature guests Lamar Hurd and Gary Trent Jr., who are always great interviews. Second, with this week’s round of podcasts we bid goodbye to one of the most interesting and important voices we’ve ever featured on Blazer’s Edge. After five years with us, Tara Bowen-Biggs, aka TeamMom, is hanging up the mic and headphones to reclaim some of her free time with family, pursuing other hobbies besides podcasting.

Over the last half-decade, Tara has provided views that few of us would have stopped to think about were it not for her. She’s been bold while keeping her sense of compassion, sometimes even innocence, about the sport, its fans, and the people around her. She has that wonderful, rare ability to be aware of everything going on around her, yet still see the best in others. We’ve been blessed by her gifts.

Creating the WHAT Podcast (which she still hopes to continue in some form) has opened up opportunities for people who have traditionally been marginalized to speak in their own way about their own topics, yet still connect to a wider audience. That alone would be a major accomplishment. Doing it with grace, humor, and endurance was a bonus.

The Blazer’s Edge Podcast will continue. Tara’s presence in our communal life and Portland sports will too. Change is hard, but it’s also an opportunity for hope and gratitude.

Thank you, Tara, for sharing so much of yourself and your voice with us over the years. Blessings on your time of rest, and don’t be quiet for too long!