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Blazers’ Trent Jr. Drops in to Talk Development, Defense & Drip

Trail Blazers guard Gary Trent Jr. dropped in on the Blazer’s Edge podcast to discuss his development and journey.

Portland Trail Blazers v Phoenix Suns Photo by Michael Gonzales/NBAE via Getty Images

On this week’s episode of the Blazer’s Edge podcast, Tara Bowen-Biggs and Danny Marang are joined by “Apple Valley’s Finest” and Trail Blazers guard Gary Trent Jr! The former Duke standout provided insight on developing inside the Blazers’ system, growing up with a father in the NBA, learning to play defense at the pro level, taking advantage of opportunities and the growth of his fashion game. Trent Jr. also explained why Danny’s nicknames are not good and what it has been like playing alongside Carmelo Anthony.



Opening Comments

Trent Jr on “The Last Dance” 1:00

The genesis of Gary Trent Jr 4:00

Trash talk and Tyus Jones 5:00

The impact of growing up the son of an NBA player, and having “uncles” like Sam Cassell and Kevin Garnett 7:00

When did you jumper surpass your Dad’s? 9:00

Hard work pays off, eventually 10:00

How have you been the last couple of months? 12:00

What was it that clicked for you- what specific what did you put in to slow the game down? 15:00

Breaking down tape with Trent Jr 16:00

Coming together and building on success 24:30

If you’re always ready, you’ll never have to get ready 26:00

The transition game developing was just a part of growth and experience 27:00

Guarding a CJ McCollum or a Damian Lillard, that can’t do anything but help you 27:30

Who are the guys in the league who you watch to pull from? 28:30

The origin of “Gary will be in the league for at least a decade” 31:00

What were your thoughts when you found out you were drafted by Portland 32:00

Evan Turner taking GTJ under his wing 33:00

Trent Jr on his fashion 35:00

As the years progress, it (my fashion) will only get better 36:00

2K Battle between Trent Jr and Hassan Whiteside 38:00

Did they get your jumper right on 2K? 39:00

Do you have any Gary Trent Jr approved nicknames? 41:00

Call to action: We need an official Gary Trent Jr nickname 43:00

Listener questions

Were you at Tyus Jones’ draft party? 46:00

Start, bench, cut - Kobe, MJ, LeBron 47:00

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve gained from playing alongside Carmelo Anthony? 49:00

Who’s the better storyteller- Kevin Garnett or Carmelo Anthony? 51:00

What does the development path look like for you between now and whenever NEXT season starts? 53:30

Closing Comments