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Share Your Proposed Resolution to the 2020 NBA Season

Should it resume, end, or something in between?

NBA: Houston Rockets at Portland Trail Blazers Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

We’re into our second month of NBA hiatus due to COVID-19 and the league doesn’t appear any closer to finding a resolution to the interrupted season. We all know the issues involved. 99.99% of us agree that the safety of players, spectators, and everyone involved takes priority over everything else. It’d be better to have no resumption than to resume in a way that endangers the community.

With the path forward still murky, upholding the resolve to keep safety first, let’s ask today how you would like to see the season conclude. We’ll assume the following as true:

  • Any resumption would not take place until July, at the earliest.
  • It will be done in a way where players are assumed to be safe. Nothing will happen until both the league and the players agree that resumption is reasonable.
  • We will make no judgment on whether fans are physically present. We’re pretty sure that games in traditional arenas are out for now, though.
  • Other than that, we are leaving aside ALL details of where and who, asking ONLY what format the games and the season end will take, if any.

In other words, assume the league and players have come up with Safety Plan X and it will work, though it cannot be implemented until July and probably won’t involve your home team in its own arena for now. With the plan in place, the league is asking how to resolve the end of the year. Adam Silver calls up you and says, “What would you prefer?”

How do you respond?

Would you prefer the whole thing to just go away with the next season starting as normal in October? Would you like to see the season resume from the point it left off, with all regular-season and playoffs contests accounted for? Would you suggest something in between instead? A limited playoffs? If so, who’s invited and why? If your plan involves a serious amount of games over the summer, how and when will the 2020-21 season commence?

Share your ideas and preferences below. We’ll mark this thread historically and see what comes closest to the system the NBA actually ends up adopting.