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Stuck-at-Home Thread: Comfort Food Edition

It can be something you eat, watch, or listen to. What’s your comfort food right now?

The Office

We have a daily topic, but you do not need to stay on-topic. Talk about whatever, it’s an open thread!

Whelp. States are extending their stay-at-home orders through the month of April and beyond, as expected. Oregon will almost surely do the same. So, settle in.

Today’s Topic: What are your ‘Comfort Foods’ right now?

A comfort food is whatever you want it to be. Actual food, or TV shows, a movie, books, music, whatever. The picture will update through the day, just for fun.


A reminder: We will generally try have a light touch on moderation. However, we do expect researched, factual information to be posted. Misinformation (intentional or accidental) and unfounded fear-mongering will be removed. Yes, there’s a fine line at times, especially when it involves speculation in a serious situation. We’ll figure it out as we go. Bear with us please.