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G League Players to Vote on Unionizing

According to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, G League players will vote on the potential of forming a union that is separate from the NBPA.

Oklahoma City Blue v Stockton Kings Photo by Jack Arent/NBAE via Getty Images

With an assist from the Nation Basketball Players Association (NBPA), G League players are set to vote on the potential formation of a separate union. ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski explained that a vote could occur as early as today.

Wojnarowski highlighted that players inside the G League are attempting to bolster their voice when it comes to collective bargaining.

Among agents and players, there’s been optimism that the vote will render the union’s formation — which would allow the union to collectively bargain issues with the NBA and G League. The NBPA sent G League players a video of veteran player Andre Ingram describing the kinds of issues that a union could assist in collective bargaining with the NBA. Issues for G League players in the past have included housing, salary and travel.

The new union would have a constitution independent from the NBPA. Players on two-way contracts and players on assignment would be excluded from the new union. The Trail Blazers and Nuggets are the last NBA teams without a direct G League affiliate.