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Trail Blazers Trivia Tuesday!

Some of these questions are easy. Others are not.

Portland Trail Blazers v Houston Rockets

Everyone is stuck at home and (presumably) missing their weekly pub trivia tournaments. Let’s do a virtual Blazer’s Edge edition!

The 15 questions are admittedly very difficult. Post your answers in the comments and I’ll reply with a correct percentage, but not indicate which ones are incorrect. Eventually we’ll have a complete set of correct replies. First person to get all 15 wins Comment of the Day.

  1. Jim Paxson became the first Trail Blazer to score 10,000 points on Feb. 21, 1988. Who was the franchise’s second leading scorer at that time?
  2. Who was the first player to score 50 points in an NBA game at Portland’s Memorial Coliseum?
  3. Who was the last player cut from the eventual championship team in 1976?
  4. The Blazers have lost six players in expansion drafts. Name three of them (bonus point if you can name the only former all-star from that bunch).
  5. What team made the call in the famous Bill Walton coin flip of 1974? Did they choose heads or tails?
  6. Vince Carter played more games with this former Trail Blazer than any other teammate. Can you name that Blazer alum/Carter teammate?
  7. What local TV channel was the team’s original broadcast partner?
  8. The Trail Blazers incorporated the iconic pinwheel sash onto their uniforms in 1977. What year was the next significant uniform overhaul (i.e. switching to upper case letters on the front)?
  9. The Blazers lost five games to buzzer beaters in their first seven season. Finally, in 1978, what player hit the first buzzer beating game winner in team history?
  10. In what year was Portland originally slated to host the NBA All-star game before the league changed their protocol for selecting host cities?
  11. Since 1995, three players have appeared in more than 82 games in a season in which they were members of the Portland rosters. Name one of them.
  12. Who beat the Blazers in the first regular season game ever played at the Rose Garden?
  13. Several players have had more than one stint in Portland. Name two of them.
  14. Ten is one of the most frequently retired uniform numbers in the NBA. Name the two former Blazers coaches who have had that number retired for their playing career.
  15. On the franchise’s single season 3-point field goal leaderboard, Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum combine for nine of the top 10 entries. Who’s the other player?