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Stuck-at-Home Thread: Weekend GIF Edition

I’m spending the weekend posting all the images I’ve previously posted in the Blazer’s Edge comments section.

We have a daily topic, but you do not need to stay on-topic. Talk about whatever, it’s an open thread!

Blank it. There’s no topic this weekend. I’m posting GIFs. Deal with it.

I have an long-time image hosting account just for posting images in the Blazer’s Edge comments. Throughout the weekend, I’m posting all of those images in the comments, with or without context. Rec your favorites. Or not. I don’t care!


A reminder: We will generally try have a light touch on moderation. However, we do expect researched, factual information to be posted. Misinformation (intentional or accidental) and unfounded fear-mongering will be removed. Yes, there’s a fine line at times, especially when it involves speculation in a serious situation. We’ll figure it out as we go. Bear with us please.