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Clyde Drexler vs. Michael Jordan: Throwing it Back with Adam Ryan

Danny and Tara take it back to the 90s in this week's edition of the Blazer's Edge Podcast.

Chicago Bulls v Portland Trailblazers Photos by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images

On this week’s episode of the Blazer’s Edge podcast, Tara Bowen-Biggs and Danny Marang are joined by Adam Ryan of “In All Airness” to talk throwbacks, Clyde Drexler vs Micahel Jordan, how things would be viewed if luck had been on the Blazer’s side, life on the other side of the world, chasing the Holy Grail of throwback basketball footage, reflecting back with former players, Adam’s trip to All Star weekend in Chicago, his love for Terry Porter, the Mt Rushmore of Goggle Wearers and more!



Opening Comments

Adam Ryan - In All Airness

Life on the other side of the world right now 3:00

Is there a Holy Grail of throwback basketball footage/game? 6:00

Tracking down old game tapes 8:30

Sidetrack- Paul Allen’s obsession with the Blazers 10:00

How did “In All Airness” start? 12:00

Talking with different players from different eras; such as Fat Lever and Danny Schayes 16:30

What it’s like sitting down with players well passed their playing careers 19:30

The genesis of basketball in Australia 23:00

Talking about shooters, Mark Price, Rick Barry and the differences between position groups 25:00

Adam’s experiences at All Star Weekend in Chicago 28:30

Mark Price and the All Star Breakfast 30:00

Legend’s Brunch 31:00

The Mt Rushmore of Goggle Wearer’s 32:30

Sad Blazer’s stories as introductions to the team 34:00

The differences between teams now and then 36:00

Clyde Drexler and the first super team

Comparing eras and how throwback players could compete in today’s game 38:30

Adam getting mailed NBA games of the 1992 season sparks a love for Terry Porter 42:30

Adam and his interview with Michael Holton 47:00

Bringing back more torrid memories courtesy of Adam 48:00

Looking back at the Clyde Drexler v. Michael Jordan battles and comparisons 51:00

Closing Comments