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Trail Blazers Great Bill Walton Organizes Virtual Charity Bike Ride

The big man keeps on biking, and keeps on giving.

Cycling: 13th Amgen Tour of California 2018 / Stage 1 Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images for AEG

Former Portland Trail Blazers Finals MVP Bill Walton is taking to the virtual roads, leading a remote biking challenge to benefit various food agencies in the time of COVID-19. Joe Freeman of The Oregonian has the full story and pitch, including quotes from Walton about his famous passion for biking.

“I love my bike and I love being alive,” Walton said in a release. “These seemingly inseparable aspects of my life are great privileges, privileges that not everybody has, even in the best of times. However, with that privilege comes responsibility, obligation and duty. And with the global health coronavirus crisis changing everything for everybody these days, we are doing something about and for the exacerbated challenges that so many of our communities now face, not the least of which are food and medical care.”

Walton is working through They have a page dedicated to the “Bike for Humanity” virtual event. At that page you can register, pledge donations at various levels (and with various rewards), and see the charities benefiting from the event.