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Blazers’ McCollum Discusses Scuffle with Len

CJ McCollum and Alex Len exchanged shoves in Saturday’s matchup between the Trail Blazers and Suns.

Sacramento Kings v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

The Trail Blazers’ 123-111 loss to the Kings featured an exchange of shoves between CJ McCollum and Alex Len. The Blazers were in a double-digit hole in the third quarter when McCollum had enough of Len’s aggressive screening on the perimeter. That frustration boiled over into altercation that resulted in offsetting technical fouls.

Here is video of the incident:

After the game, McCollum spoke with NBC Sports Northwest’s Jamie Hudson about the altercation.

“The game wasn’t going well for us,” McCollum explained his point of view of the scuffle. “I felt like he could’ve moved, he didn’t have to stand there and keep trying to screen me.”

Along with the frustration tied to his exchange with Len, McCollum explained that the Blazers have tiny margin for error moving forward.

“We’re in the danger zone. We need every game. We felt that we’d come away with a win tonight,” McCollum said.

On Saturday, McCollum connected on one of his seven three-point attempts and finished with 19 points in 34 minutes of action. The Blazers return to the court on Tuesday to face the Suns.