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The Pets of Blazer’s Edge

It’s the most adorable article we’re going to post all year.

Let’s do something completely different today. With most of us spending more time at home, one of the fringe benefits is more time with our pets. So let’s meet them!


My cat Bones. You can’t tell from this picture but he’s actually 25 pounds! -Ryne


Ruff & Lily

This is Ruff (orange) and Lily. Ruff was part of a pair of littermates, but her sister Tumble passed away in July. We adopted Lily in September. While they’re not yet best friends, they tolerate each other. Given that Ruff is 14 and Lily is 1, that is all we can hope for.-L. Hostetler



Say hello to Beau. He is a very good boy — unless you are a squirrel, a poodle, or ride a loud motorcycle. He is a champion burper, and thinks that firetruck sirens are the song of his people and he must howl along. - akicks



Team mom at her computer with Calico cat Tiptoe on her shoulder.

Tiptoe usually has my back while I’m podcasting. xoxo Team Mom



This is Tucker. He is a veteran of 11 NBA seasons. He is loyal to the Blazers and his ball (seriously, he has refused all substitute balls for a decade). —Steve Dewald


The Pets of the Blazer’s Edge Commenters!

Post pictures of your pet in the comments for free recs. Green it all!