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Stuck-At-Home Open Thread: Top 5 Fave Blazers Games

Difficulty: You can’t choose 0.9, nor anything from the 2019 Playoffs. Go!

Portland Trailblazers: Terry Porter, Sam Bowie Photo by Brian Drake/NBAE via Getty Images

Hello everyone,

Self-isolation continues! For the foreseeable future, everyone will be stuck at home a lot more than normal. So, let’s get through it together, staying happy, healthy, and sane.

We have a daily topic, but you do not need to stay on-topic. Talk about whatever, it’s an open thread!

Today’s Topic: Top 5 Favorite Blazers Games

DIFFICULTY: If we just ask that question, we’ll hear the same games over and over, of course! So let’s make it a little harder. These games don’t count:

  1. 2014 Game 6 vs Houston.
  2. Anything from the 2019 NBA Playoffs.


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