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Stuck-At-Home Open Thread: Good News Weekends!

Even in bad times, good things happen. What good things are happening in your life or in the world?

Maurice Cheeks helps Natalie Gilbert sing the National Anthem Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Hello everyone,

Self-isolation continues! For the foreseeable future, everyone will be stuck at home a lot more than normal. So, let’s get through it together, staying happy, healthy, and sane.

We have a daily topic, but you do not need to stay on-topic. Talk about whatever, it’s an open thread!


It’s the weekend. I know that’s only theoretical at this point, but let’s pretend it matters.

When bad things happen, good things disappear into the background. Let’s bring those forward all weekend: What good things are happening in the world, or in your life?

(Unless it’s really important/vital, let’s try to save any unhappy/bad stuff for Monday)


A reminder: We will generally try have a light touch on moderation. However, we do expect researched, factual information to be posted. Misinformation (intentional or accidental) and unfounded fear-mongering will be removed. Yes, there’s a fine line at times, especially when it involves speculation in a serious situation. We’ll figure it out as we go. Bear with us please.