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Jamie Hudson Talks Covering a Suspended NBA Season

The NBA is on hiatus but Jamie Hudson is not. Tara and Cassidy caught up with the NBC Sports Northwest reporter to find out what she is up to now that everything has changed.

New Orleans Pelicans v Sacramento Kings Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Jamie Hudson of NBC Sports Northwest joined us to talk about what she will remember about the season (so far), what she misses about basketball, how reporting on the NBA has changed since the suspension of the league and how she is spending her time at home. It was so great to talk to her and hear her cheerful voice.

Basketball marathons, games to re-watch, Gary Trent Jr. coming into his own, Instagram baby dance parties, covering Carmelo Anthony, finding her voice as a reporter, Below Deck vs 90 Day fiance, we’ve got a smorgasbord of topics for anyone hungry for basketball (and basketball adjacent) talk.

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1:00 Icebreaker: What makes the perfect basketball game marathon? Tara would watch the 1992 NBA Finals, Jamie would watch Gonzaga March Madness games, Cassidy would watch a compilation of games with buzzer-beaters.

6:00 What stood out about the Trail Blazers’ season so far? Injuries, emotions, Damian Lillard’s run in January, Jusuf Nurkic and Zach Collins designer suits.

9:30 What is it about basketball that you miss the most right now? The feel of competition, not having scores to check or a playoff race to discuss, March Madness, the community of basketball fans, the unpredictability of games.

13:15 What were some of the highlights for Jamie as a reporter this season? Watching Gary Trent Jr get more comfortable with the media and his improved defense. Damian Lillard’s January performances and updating fans on Jusuf Nurkic, like when he was running the stairs in Denver. Covering Carmelo Anthony.

18:00 What is Jamie doing with the league suspended? Still trying to keep up with what Adam Silver and the league are going to do about this season, laundry, watching 90 Day Fiance.

21:30 Making a pitch for shows to binge: 90 Day Fiance vs Below Deck.

26:30 In what ways has Jamie’s job changed since the league was suspended and everyone is staying home? It is weird not to be in the rhythm of the season, for example writing previews. Getting used to working in different ways with her team at NBC Sports Northwest. Has to get used to working earlier in the day.

28:00 Listener questions from @roselharding What’s Jamie’s picks for most re-watchable Blazers games this season? I have them all on DVR and I def need to start re-watching them soon... for sanity. The third game of the season before Zach Collins went down. It was a glimpse of things to be. Also, the game the Blazers played against the Lakers after Kobe died.

31:00 Reflections on being in LA for the Laker game after Kobe died. It was incredible how such a big crowd was also so silent.

35:30 From listener Rachael: I’d love to know how she has made the space for herself to develop as a reporter where she is, especially with really big personalities like Dwight Jaynes dominating the same space. Jamie figured out how to walk into a room and own it. She leans on her knowledge and passion for the game to give her confidence.

39:00 @Burlacious_M What is likely the most interesting Blazer subplot to cover for this coming off-season? Zach Collins and what his return to the team will be like.

41:00 What will the basketball be like after the players have not been allowed to play in groups? Even over the summers they play pickup but with the new rules, they are not even allowed to play with teammates. How will the game look when they get back to playing on teams?

44:00 How are teams keeping up with each other and staying connected? Chemistry is so important so how will they maintain it?

45:00 We hope Jusuf Nuckic heard us chanting his name at 12:30 on March 15 which would have been his return.

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