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Choose Your Own Adventure: 2019 Playoffs Edition

You can decide how Portland’s postseason ended last year in this hypothetical game.

Golden State Warriors v Portland Trail Blazers - Game Four Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

As the disappointing 2019-20 season pauses for the foreseeable future, it becomes hard not to reminisce on the Portland Trail Blazers’ improbable run in last year’s playoffs. From the trash-talking Thunder, to Damian Lillard’s 37-footer, to the quadruple-overtime victory, to Game 7 CJ McCollum. Even though the Golden State Warriors swept Portland in the Western Conference Finals, the 2018-19 season became a part of franchise lore.

So, let’s relive those moments with a little revisionist history. I’m going to adjust segments of last year’s postseason and you have to make the right decisions to advance the Blazers to the Finals and win the championship. To start, you will travel back to April 10 and replay Game 82 against the Sacramento Kings.

Click here to play a “Choose your own adventure” game of last year’s playoffs. Click “Run Project” in the center of the screen and decide between two game plans for each round of the postseason. Best of luck trying to win the championship!

Post your results in the comments below.