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Enes Kanter Reflects on Blazers Tenure After Returning to Portland

Jamie Hudson of NBC Sports Northwest relays Kanter’s trip down memory lane.

Boston Celtics v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

Enes Kanter left his impression on Portland Trail Blazers fans last season despite appearing in only 23 regular season games. The big man stepped up after starting center Jusuf Nurkic went down with his unfortunate leg injury, and Kanter provided a boost on the frontlines for all 16 playoff games despite dealing with a shoulder injury.

Kanter returned to Portland on Tuesday as a member of the Boston Celtics and reflected on his time with the Blazers, as Jamie Hudson of NBC Sports Northwest writes:

“I was only here for like maybe a half year, right? But, I feel like I’d been here for like whatever years… I give credit to the fans because the fans just always been amazing, cheering for me, supporting me,” Kanter said.

Kanter still deals with a hint of shoulder pain after last year’s playoffs, but doesn't hold any regrets:

“I was at the hotel today and thinking about my shoulder and it’s been almost one year, I still feel it a little bit. But, you know what — it was just, I don’t regret it. It was just — we’re deep into the playoffs and, for me; it was just go out there and fight for my teammates.”

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