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Recap: Celtics Easily Beat Blazers, 118-106

Still missing Damian Lillard, Portland kept it close for a while before Boston pulled away.

Boston Celtics v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

In a generally-unpleasant game, the ultra-short-staffed Portland Trail Blazers lost to an uninspired Boston Celtics team, 118-106. Without Damian Lillard as a gravitational force, the Blazers struggled to get efficient shots, which spelled trouble without strong defense at the other end.

Box Score

Not much to write. With Portland so short-handed, Boston slowly, steadily built their lead all night, simply by having more talent on the floor at almost all times. So why was the final score somewhat tight? Well...

Keeping it close. Sort of. The Blazers starters played long minutes tonight, despite Boston fairly easily keeping the lead in double digits in the second half. The bench closed the gap a bit in garbage time.

Don’t ask about Portland’s defense. Especially outside the arc.

Portland heads out for a road trip tomorrow, starting Thursday night in Indiana.