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CJ McCollum’s Press Pass Program Opens Doors for Youth

McCollum, who majored in journalism at Lehigh, provides an opportunity for local teens to find out what it really takes.

New Orleans Pelicans v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The Trail BlazersCJ McCollum is known for his outreach with local youth, especially in the field of journalism, and KPTV’s Nick Krupke recently went behind the scenes with participants in McCollum’s Press Pass program. At a recent game, the students had the opportunity to meet with Blazers Broadcasting’s on-air talent Lamar Hurd, Brooke Olzendam, as well as Director of Broadcasting Jeff Curtin. They also met with Amara Baptist and Casey Holdahl.

McCollum made sure the students got the full behind-the-scenes access on a game night.

“Most people know his background in journalism, studying and majoring in communications at Lehigh, it’s been kind of cool knowing his path and how there is different pathways for everybody to come into this field,” said Kyle Pinnell, senior at Southridge High School.

McCollum spoke about creating opportunities via the program with NBA Cares.

Kyle Pinnell is a Blazer’s Edge contributor, and you can read his work here.