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The Trail Blazers Are Playing With Balance

NBCSNW’s Mike Richman examines what’s driving Portland’s success of late.

Miami Heat v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Cameron Browne/NBAE via Getty Images

The Portland Trail Blazers have won six of eight games (and were robbed of at least tying the game against Utah in the closing seconds). Mike Richman of NBC Sports Northwest took a look at how Portland has found its rhythm:

It’s not a long list of scorers. But it’s starting to resemble a reliable six-man core.

Since Rodney Hood went down with an Achilles injury in early December the Blazers have been searching for enough offensive firepower to prop up an often porous defense. They’re finally getting it now. Following Hood’s injury they had had just two games where six players scored in double figures. Since Ariza’s arrival at the end of January, Portland has had three such nights in 12 games, including Sunday’s win over the Heat.

Of course,Damian Lillard is playing at an MVP level, but Richman points to others on the roster:

So whether it’s Ariza on the wing, Anthony in the mid-post or Trent Jr. from the arc, Lillard is getting the help he needs. The Blazers will continue to rely on their thin group of contributors for as long as they can.

Is the Trail Blazers recent success due to Lillard? Or other guys stepping up? Or both? Or does Lillard’s play enable others to get better shots? Give your take below!