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Brandon Roy Gives Carmelo Anthony Approval For No. 7

Brandon Roy has told The Athletic’s Jason Quick he would be “honored” if Carmelo Anthony revived his famed number 7 for the Blazers.

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Denver Nuggets v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Brandon Roy has come out in support of Carmelo Anthony being the first Portland Trail Blazers players to wear the number 7 since his exit nine years ago, according to the Athletic’s Jason Quick. The former Blazer favorite said a touching off-court moment after the 2009 Portland vs Denver Nuggets Chistmas Day game highlighted his admiration and respect for Anthony.

Roy, who was instrumental in reinvigorating the Blazers franchise, wore number 7 in Portland between 2006 and 2011, before his career was cut short by degenerative knee injuries. While his stint in Portland was shorter than Blazer fans had hoped, many believe that Roy’s number 7 should be retired.

Anthony carried the number 7 over eight years playing for the New York Knicks, Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets between 2011 and 2019. Last week, Anthony told reporters — while wearing a red hat with number 7 on it — he would be “thrilled” if he was once again able to wear the number, after spending last season sporting 00.

“Listen, if Portland gives me No. 7, I’ll be happy,” Anthony said. “I’ll be thrilled. We need a petition for that. I need No. 7.”

After Anthony publicly expressed his wish to wear the number, Roy told The Athletic’s Jason Quick there was no need for a petition and that he would be “honored” if Anthony returned the number to the Blazers lineup.

“I would be honored if he wore it,” Roy told The Athletic. “So we should (let him have it).”

Roy said his respect for Anthony went back 11 years to the Blazers 2009 Christmas Day game against the Melo-led Denver Nuggets and a special post-game request that brought the two closer. Anthony wore number 15 over his eight-year Nuggets tenure.

“I asked Melo if my cousin (Juleesa Johnson), who was sick from cancer, could shake his hand and take a picture with him,” Roy said.

“He said, ‘Of course,’” Roy said. “Made her night. He was her favorite player.”

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