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Haynes: NBA Revises Player Rest Policy for 2020-21 Season

According to Yahoo Sports NBA insider Chris Haynes, the 2020-21 season will feature a stricter policy when it comes to player rest.

Miami Heat v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The NBA is set to build on its player rest policy that was implemented in 2017. According to Yahoo Sports NBA insider Chris Haynes, teams that rest multiple healthy players could face significant fines.

In a follow-up Tweet, Haynes explained the scenarios that could trigger fines from the NBA:

On new Player Resting Policy, absent unusual circumstances, team should not rest multiple healthy players for same game and teams should not rest healthy players on road. And in situations when teams decide to rest healthy player, player should be visible to fans.

The Trail Blazers open their regular season schedule against the Jazz on Dec. 23. Portland does not have a back-to-back on its schedule until the end of January. At home, the Blazers face the Knicks on Jan. 24 and the Thunder on Jan. 25.