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Giles’ Passing Can Boost the Blazers’ Offense

In the first installment of The Breakdown, Danny Marang analyzes the passing exploits of Trail Blazers newcomer Harry Giles III.

On the first episode of “The Breakdown” Danny Marang looks at new Trail Blazers big man Harry Giles III. Giles, a 22-year-old big fella, has the potential to blossom into the elite short-roll playmaking big capable of unlocking coach Terry Stotts’ offense.

In this video analysis, Marang looks at a handful of plays that show the range of Giles’ passing, where he operates from, who he gets involved and where Portland could utilize this skillset.

Last season, Giles appeared in 46 regular season games with the Kings (17 starts). In those outings, he posted per 36 averages of 17.1 points, 10.1 rebounds and 3.2 assists. Now looking at a fresh start in a Blazers’ roster that appears to have unclaimed minutes in the frontcourt, Giles is positioned to thrive.

As the first episode of The Breakdown reveals, Giles adds a playmaking arsenal to the Blazers’ frontcourt that can keep the offense humming when Jusuf Nurkic is off the floor.