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The Time is Right for the Blazers to Pursue Harden

Blazer’s Edge Associate Editor Steve Dewald joined host Danny Marang to discuss the Blazers’ first week of action and James Harden.

San Antonio Spurs v Houston Rockets Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images

On this week’s Blazer’s Edge podcast, host Danny Marang is joined by BE Associate Editor Steve Dewald to discuss a wide range of topics. Unsurprisingly, James Harden and his decision to add the Trail Blazers to list list of preferred destinations topped the list. Both Danny and Steve agreed that the time for Portland to act is now.

The duo covered the Blazers’ shaky performances through two games, Carmelo Anthony’s slow start and Enes Kanter’s near-perfect shooting numbers to start the season.

*The discussion around the other teams potentially in the market for Harden was recorded prior to the news regarding the injury to Nets guard Spencer Dinwiddie.


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Opening comments

Steve Dewald - Blazer’s Edge Associate Editor

Looking ahead to a road trip to California 2:00

Quick thoughts on Blazers vs. Rockets 3:30

What did you see, concerns? 4:30

Finding the sweet spot: aggressive vs conservative defense

Trading for James Harden 8:00

Does Portland really have a chance? 9:00

Where would Harden rank as a talent on Day 1 if he became a Blazer? 12:30

The timeline makes sense right now 15:30

Would you include Gary Trent Jr in a deal? 19:00

Who is Portland competing with in a deal? 20:00

Where does Portland’s offer rank? 24:00

What advantage does Portland have right now? 26:00

Who wants to see this deal happen? 27:30

Diving back into Blazers vs. Rockets 30:00

The differences between Game 1 & Game 2: effort & consistency

Jusuf Nurkic shows life

Rodney Hood coming out of his own shadow 32:00

Carmelo Anthony is battling Father Time 34:30

Does Melo find a way back into the starting lineup 39:30

Giving Enes Kanter some props 41:00

Looking ahead to the return of Zach Collins 43:00

Getting Harry Giles into the game 44:00

Why did Gary Trent Jr. only play 6 minutes vs HOU? 45:00

Are you buying the reasoning? 45:30

There’s something here...but what is it? 49:00

Laker, Clippers & Warriors - is 2-2 a successful road trip? 50:00

Closing comments