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Rookie CJ Elleby Adjusts to NBA Life

The Ringer’s Paolo Uggetti reports on how the league’s rookies are doing despite a short offseason.

Utah Jazz v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images

It turns out NBA players are just like us: they need WiFi to survive. The Portland Trail Blazers drafted CJ Elleby with the 46th overall pick, and the rookie is adjusting to life in the big leagues after a move to an apartment close to the practice facility, reports Paolo Uggetti of the Ringer. Despite the challenge of not having his WiFi set up, Elleby notes that Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum have been supportive of his steep learning curve.

“My learning window is a lot smaller, so I have to pick up more information in a smaller period of time,” Elleby said. He added that the most challenging part so far has been remembering the plays when he does get on the floor. “The guys are making it easier on me. … They’re trying to teach me whenever they get the chance to make sure that I’m not getting left behind.”

He is also making some changes to his habits, reflective of what many young players go through when they make it to the NBA, but really, he still needs WiFi.

Elleby is still figuring that part out. When he moved to Portland, he only brought clothes and books and prioritized getting an apartment that was close to the Blazers’ practice facility so he could walk to practice early and stay late. Now that he’s more settled in, his next goal is getting his Wi-Fi set up and remedying the car situation that has him relying on his brother to take him on Costco trips.

“I’m trying to be more vegetable-oriented and cut down on all the meat,” Elleby said. “[Those are] things that I’ve been reading about and trying to get more knowledge on as far as what I can do to get better when I’m not on the court.”

Surely we have a few chefs and network techs in Rip City that can help a rookie out.

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