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Blazer’s Edge Live Show: What To Watch For

It’s a Blazer’s Edge Live Show, Preseason edition! Join host Danny Marang as he takes a look at what he’s looking for to open the Trail Blazer’s 2020-2021 NBA campaign.

What to Watch

Preseason Cliches- Tempo/Transition, Defense and Muscles

Training Camp Tempo/Transition

-Will POR actually run? Addition of Derrick Jones Jr & Robert Covington get them easier points

Defensive Changes?

- Derrick Jones Jr & Robert Covington aggression, Nurkic playing more than drop coverage

#LobWatch & #MuscleWatch

-DJJ and the how often Portland will use the best lob threat they’ve ever had and the pounds must be counted up - who has gotten bigger feat. Anfernee Simons & Gary Trent Jr.

Melo off the Bench?

-Will he accept the role?

What will Damian Lillard add to his Game This Year?

-Brad Beal on Damian Lillard

Professor Stotts

-Stotts aslways has something a little weird up his sleeve...