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Podcast Remembers Brandon Roy, Destroys James Harden

Dave and Dia debate retired numbers, COVID policies, the significance of Brandon Roy, and the value of James Harden.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

Portland Trail Blazers podcasts run thick and deep, including this amazing interview with Derrick Jones, Jr. on the Blazer’s Edge Podcast with Dan Marang that dropped yesterday. In the wake of that tour de force, we offer the fourth episode of Dave and Dia, the champagne of podcasts: light and bubbly, yet still surprisingly intense.

This week Dia and Dave dive into the passion and folly of retired numbers, rehash the career of Brandon Roy (which SOME of us have already forgotten, apparently), share views on the new travel approach during the pandemic, debate the suitability of Anfernee Simons as a reserve point guard, and finally go ballistic on, about, and in the general vicinity of James Harden. You may need to turn the volume down a bit when they get to that part, because it’s ON.

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