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“Ballot Don’t Lie” Shirt Available Now!

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Celebrate the 2020 Presidential Election with the only catchphrase that matters.

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The only thing that gets the hearts of Portland Trail Blazers fans pumping more than the ultra-tight 2020 Presidential Election is evoking the memory of franchise legend Rasheed Wallace. Well, wait no more Blazers faithful! Now you can combine two amazing flavors in one super-cool shirt!

Today we introduce the “Ballot Don’t Lie” design from BreakingT. Sean at sister site came up with this gem, and it’s available to you now.

Here’s the artwork:

Show your patriotic spirit and deep masochism, plus just a little bit of snark, by purchasing one today. If you use this link (or the one above), Blazer’s Edge will get a spiff for each shirt purchased.

Whether you need something to cry into, burn, or wave around like a maniac when the results come in, “Ballot Don’t Lie” is sure to fit the bill. Pick one up while you’re waiting and we’ll all see what happens together.

*Again, Blazer’s Edge does receive a portion of each shirt sold. That’s why it’s up here. That, and it being pretty cool.