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Where Does Harry Giles Fit in with the Blazers?

Danny is joined by Kings expert Greg Wissinger to talk all things Giles.

Dallas Mavericks v Sacramento Kings Photo by David Sherman/NBAE via Getty Images

On this week’s episode of the Blazer’s Edge podcast, Greg Wissinger Managing Editor of The King’s Herald hops on with Danny Marang to take a look at former Sacramento King, and newly signed Trail Blazer big, Harry Giles III. How healthy is he? What kind of player is he now (and what could he be later)? How does he get on the floor - and should he play over Enes Kanter? Why doesn’t he shoot 3’s and how on Earth did he end up a free agent already!? That and more on this week’s episode of the Blazer’s Edge podcast.



Opening Comments

How on Earth did Harry Giles end up a free agent already? 2:00

The handling of Giles by the Kings early on 5:00

Where is Giles at physically now, are his knees still a worry? 8:00

What are the things you want to drive home about Harry Giles the player? 9:30

“He’s a poor man’s (Nikola) Jokic as a passer” - GWiss 10:00

Athletic profile of Giles, “he moves more like Nic Batum than some center” 12:00

Why hasn’t Giles been able to get more playing time? 14:00

“He could be a passable defender...” 17:00

Could coming to Portland (where there might be a defender or two) help him out? 19:00

Why doesn’t Giles shoot 3’s?! EXPLAIN IT TO ME! 21:00

An elite finisher, solid midrange but a black hole in between 23:00

Will/Should Giles get minutes over Enes Kanter? 26:00

Why it makes sense to get Giles on the floor 31:00

What do you see Giles’ ceiling as? 34:00

Giles as a screener looking like Zach Collins 36:00

One non-basketball thing you love about Giles 40:00

Does Giles have a nasty streak? 42:00

Closing comments