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Rodney Hood One Of The Biggest Winners This Offseason

Rob Mahoney of the Ringer says after returning to the Blazers after an Achilles injury, Hood’s $21 million contract marks a big win for the wing.

Miami Heat v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images

The Portland Trail Blazers’ resigning of Rodney Hood was met with praise from fans of the team, but according to Rob Mahoney of The Ringer, it could be a bigger win for Hood than for the Blazers. In a recent article, Mahoney mentioned Rodney Hood as the biggest winner of this offseason.

Rodney Hood, who ruptured his Achilles while rounding out the starting lineup for Portland almost a year ago, hasn’t played in an NBA game since, and just cashed in on a two-year, $21 million contract to stick with the Blazers. Even for those who recover reasonably well, a major Achilles injury can have a devastating effect on a player’s earning potential. Clearly that isn’t the case here. Hood declined a $6 million option to sign the largest overall deal of his career with his highest annual earnings yet—all before making his official return to the NBA court. It’s a heartening development for a player who had settled into an ideal role before an awful injury snatched it away. Portland’s familiarity with what Hood could offer—and the team’s persistent need for quality wings—created an arrangement where he could be well-compensated while trying to get back to that place.

Mahoney discusses the devastating nature of Hood’s injury, and the risk factor that comes with the Blazers resigning a player coming off rupturing his Achilles, but says that it is overall a good signing for the Blazers. The familiarity of the Blazers for Hood, as well as the additions of more wings into the rotation, means that Hood can be eased back into playing, and will not be asked to do more than his body allows as he recovers from his injury.

Hood was instrumental to the Blazers’ Western Conference Finals run two years ago and will likely look to contribute in a similar manner once he fully recovers.

You can read the entire piece here.