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Portland Trail Blazers Podcast “Dave and Dia” Debuts

Hungry for Blazers content as Portland swings into action with a brand new roster? Dave Deckard and Dia Miller have you covered.

Los Angeles Lakers v Portland Trailblazers Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images

If you’re looking for a Portland Trail Blazers podcast to fill your Thanksgiving void, the newest production from Blazer’s Edge is live and ready for your ears! “Dave and Dia” features Blazer’s Edge luminaries Dave Deckard and Dia Miller, transferring their writing chemistry into audio form. As the weeks roll along, they’ll talk about basketball, life, and the Blazers, but the topics for the first two shows were practically preordained.

In Episode 1, you get to meet Dave and Dia, hear their stories of growing up as Blazers fans, plus the trials and tribulations of trying to explain that to family members, friends, and a world that doesn’t understand why you wouldn’t just root for the championship-winning Lakers. Plenty of Clyde Drexler content in this one!

Link to Episode 1 via Apple Podcasts

Episode 2 was recorded after Portland’s big free agency and trade spree, so of course that dominated the conversation. They talk about the pain of saying goodbye to old players, the tantalizing talent the Blazers brought on, and the possible permutations of lineups that go deep for days.

Link to Episode 2 via Megaphone

Give a listen to either or both shows, subscribe via whatever method you choose, and join us for what is sure to be the most unique Trail Blazers season in recent memory!