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Haynes: Batum ‘Receiving Interest from Multiple Contending Teams’

According to Yahoo Sports NBA Insider Chris Haynes, recently-waived forward Nic Batum is receiving interest from several teams.

Charlotte Hornets v Milwaukee Bucks - NBA Paris Game Photo by Johnny Fidelin/Icon Sport via Getty Images

Former Trail Blazers forward Nicolas Batum is receiving interest from several teams following his release from the Hornets. Shortly after the news regarding Batum’s departure from Charlotte, Yahoo Sports NBA Insider Chris Haynes explained the market for the 31-year-old forward.

Yahoo Sources: Small forward Nicolas Batum - who will be waived by the Charlotte Hornets to make room for Gordon Hayward - has begun receiving interest from multiple contending teams.

The Hornets parted ways with Batum once they agreed to sign Gordon Hayward to a massive four-year, $120 million contract. Batum’s final year would have held a $27.1 million place on Charlotte’s 2020-21 payroll, that figure will now be spread out over the next three seasons.

Last season, Batum appeared in just 22 games (three starts). He averaged 3.6 points per game on 34.6 percent shooting from the field during those outings. During his seven years with the Blazers, prior to being traded to the Hornets, Batum averaged 11.2 points and 5.1 rebounds per game.