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Has Blazers Center Jusuf Nurkic Reached His Ceiling?

Steve Dewald stops by the Blazer’s Edge podcast to discuss the upcoming NBA Draft and the Trail Blazers’ offseason options.

Portland Trail Blazers v Dallas Mavericks Photo by Garrett Ellwood/NBAE via Getty Images

In today’s edition of the Blazer’s Edge podcast, editor and contributor Steve Dewald dropped in to discuss interesting draft and free agent options for the Trail Blazers. Along with those two topics, Danny Marang and Steve touched on Jusuf Nurkic’s career progression, how Portland could round out the roster and more!



Opening Comments

Season restart

Taking a look at the Draft 5:00

How Different is this process? 7:00

3 Players that Steve Likes 10:00 Saddiq Bey, RJ Hampton, Isaac Okoro

Could Portland Move up in the Draft 18:00

Patrick Williams and shades of Johnathan Isaac? 20:00

Listener Questions!

Christopher Mazzeo @Maznorthwest

Assuming all the top tier wings are gone at 16 who do you suggest the Blazers pick? - 24:00

Should Portland Look at Cole Anthony?

Is Andrej Pokushevski One of Those Unicorns? 30:00

What is Your Big Draft Takeaway? 36:00

Hayden Tompkins


What would be your ideal trade package in return for CJ? --- 40:00

Combining McCollum with Nurkic for Joel Embiid + more?

Brandon Niles @2guysbrandon

Ariza, Collins, and a first seems like the best way to combine assets with contract value to get a trade going. What are the odds we use something like that to go after a big upgrade somewhere, and who might it be? Oladipo? Hield? Covington? 42:00

Oleh Kosel @OlehKosel

Give us your best Jrue Holiday trade idea involving the Blazers and Pelicans. 48:00

Matthew @ReverendRomulus

Danilo Gallinari, Jerami Grant, and Jae Crowder have all been spoken of as possible free agent targets. Are any of these reasonable gets for Portland or should we expect a free agent from the next tier down? 53:00

wayne hughes @SuzFellow

More than likely, Olshey will just work around the fringes of free agency. Let’s say no large trades are made. Please cover those low-cost FA players that make sense. 59:00

Josh Jackson? DJ Augustin?

drew elizarde-miller @DrewElizMiller

Nurkic trajectory: have we seen his ceiling? How good could he get from here? 1:08:00

Closing comments