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NBA Rumors: Free-Agent Deals Already Being Agreed to?

Rumors are popping up as the draft and free agency approach.

NBA: All Star-Celebrity Game Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

The NBA offseason is in full swing as teams make coaching and front-office changes ahead of the NBA Draft and NBA Free Agency. The draft is slated for Nov. 18, but the start of free agency remains up in the air as the league office and the players union negotiate the terms of the upcoming season. An expedited start date of Dec. 22 has been floated around, but the NBPA’s Michele Roberts has casted her doubts about that being feasible. Some players have recently proposed a start date of Jan. 18 instead. Here’s the latest rumors involving the draft and free agency:

  • Some free agents have possibly already lined up their next deals ahead of the official start of free agency, as Dan Feldman of NBC Sports outlines. ESPN’s Brian Windhorst and Bobby Marks both have heard about agreements being arranged, as Feldman cites:

The NBA ostensibly cracked down tampering.

How is that going?

Brian Windhorst of ESPN:

I have already heard of a deal that’s been agreed to. Who knows whether it’s true or not?

Bobby Marks of ESPN:

I had one agent – because I was talking about his free agent and salary projections, right? And he said, “Hey, you’re really low. I’ve already got two offers from two different teams.”