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New Portland Trail Blazers 2020-21 City Jerseys Leaked

We’re getting our first look at a new Blazers jersey style. Like it, or not?

Portland Trail Blazers Twitter is abuzz tonight as Twitter account OfficialNBABuzz has published pictures they say are the new City Editions Jerseys for 2020-21. The uniforms feature a charcoal black fabric with crimson edging plus the word “Oregon” in a cursive font on the front, block capital letters on the back.

In recent years the NBA and Nike have partnered to create several different jerseys for each team. The “City” editions are meant to have personalized styles unique to each hometown. That would be encapsulated by using “Oregon” here instead of the traditional “Portland”.

Of note: the photos do not show the classic Blazers pinwheel logo. Both NBA and Nike logos are prominent, but not the actual team symbol. Whether that makes them look cleaner, sparse, or outrageously lacking is up to the eye of the beholder.

Speaking of...what do you think of the new design? Share first impressions in the comments below.

*Based on public reaction, we have every reason to believe the photos are accurate as depicted and described. There’s always a caveat with this kind of release, but in years past, this is how we’ve usually seen new uniforms for the first time.