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Diminished League Revenues Motivate Start Date for Next Season

The NBA felt short of revenue projections by $1.5 billion.

Los Angeles Lakers v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Steve Dykes/Getty Images

Purportedly, the NBA will aim to start its season this year by December 22nd. According to Tim Reynolds of AP News, one of the major motivating factors in getting going sooner rather than later is to make up for lost revenues due to coronavirus and more.

Revenue projections for the league this season were missed by about $1.5 billion, the person said. The losses were the result of a combination of factors — the shutdown caused by the pandemic, the cancelation of 171 regular-season games, completing the season in a bubble at Walt Disney World without fans, the nearly $200 million price tag for operating that bubble and a yearlong rift with the Chinese government that saw NBA games not shown on state television there.

As other sources have noted, the league still has to negotiate with the players’ association, especially where money is concerned.