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Anonymous Agent: Blazers are ‘Squandering’ the Damian Lillard Era

One agent believes the Blazers need to make moves in order to take advantage of Lillard’s talent.

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Los Angeles Lakers v Portland Trail Blazers - Game Four Photo by Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE via Getty Images

The Portland Trail Blazers suffered another first-round exit during the NBA Playoffs, despite the heroic efforts by MVP contender Damian Lillard. The star point guard, now 30 years old, is in his prime and coming off a career year, but his eventual decline is coming at some point. Questions have been raised as to if the Blazers will compete for a title during the Lillard era, which is a clear goal that the star has. One anonymous agent told The Athletic that the Blazers are “squandering” their time with Lillard:

“I’ve been saying this two to three years. They have been squandering Damian Lillard. CJ (McCollum) is good, but it’s shown those two won’t get it done. Does anyone think Portland will win a title with those two as the leads? Give Dame a chance to win a title. Lillard, McCollum and Nurkic isn’t getting it done. They need to get a small forward. Their perimeter wings aren’t that special.”

The duo of Lillard and CJ McCollum has proven to be a prolific scoring backcourt, but each offseason seemingly brings several new proposals to break them up. Lillard is currently under contract until 2025 after signing a four-year, $196 million supermax extension last summer. McCollum also signed an extension last offseason, which will keep him in Portland until 2024.

Do you see the Blazers making a big move in hopes of competing for a championship? Let us know in the comments.