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Lowe Praises the Blazers’ 50-Year Anniversary Design

ESPN’s Zach Lowe highlighted the Trail Blazers’ re-tooled 50-year designs.

NBA: Golden State Warriors at Portland Trail Blazers Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

The expectations seemed to be sky-high heading into the Portland Trail Blazers’ landmark 50th season. A year after making a run to the Western Conference Finals, many fans believed that this could be the season that the Blazers put it all together.

But as we all know by now, the Blazers’ season has gone in a far different direction than seemingly even the most pessimistic fans could have anticipated.

While Portland’s 50th season arguably hasn’t lived up to the hype for a multitude of reasons, it seems that the design ideas that went into the anniversary have been a home run. From the new “city edition” jerseys to the unique throwback court design, the Blazers’ historic rebrand has been met with a positive reception.

On Friday, ESPN’s Zach Lowe became the latest media member to praise the Blazers’ anniversary digs.

I love everything about Portland’s anniversary throwback look. The “classic” red jersey, with that gloriously kooky -- off-center, vertical, lowercase -- “blazers” wordmark is an homage to the 1977 championship team.

Lowe also touched on the Blazers’ risky court design.

White paint is a gamble. I’m not sure it works in most places. I’m not even sure it works in Portland for more than a season or two. But it does work. The contrast between the white paint, black lines, and red half-circle is pleasing. It helps that the Blazers used a white painted area during the Clyde Drexler era.

The Blazers are currently 8-9 on their throwback court and will play three more games on the road before returning to the Moda Center to take on the Milwaukee Bucks and Charlotte Hornets.

You can read Lowe’s entire column at ESPN.