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Several Trail Blazers Among Best Upcoming 2020 Free Agents

HoopsHype outlines the top free agents this summer.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Miami Heat Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

With the NBA calendar flipped to the new year, some are already looking ahead to the trade deadline, the playoffs, or even free agency this summer. HoopsHype ranked the best 2020 free agents, with several Portland Trail Blazers players making the list.

Hassan Whiteside is the highest-ranked Blazer at No. 20 in this year’s free-agent class. However, HoopsHype didn’t offer a glowing review of the big man:

Still putting up huge numbers, but the teams he plays for likewise continue to play at mediocre levels. Strange pattern.

Next up is Carmelo Anthony, who’s No. 38 on the list after a career resurgence in Portland:

After being out of basketball for a strangely long amount of time, he is proving this year that his career is far from over, even if he’s no longer in his prime.

Finally, at No. 56, is the injured Rodney Hood. He holds a player option for next season, but with his Achilles injury, is likely to pick that up and remain with Portland for the 2020-21 season.

You can view HoopsHype’s entire rankings here.