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Amick: Kevin Love Not Likely to End up with Blazers

In an article about possible trade maneuvers, the columnist suggests Love and Portland aren’t a match.

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NBA: Detroit Pistons at Cleveland Cavaliers David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Love being traded to the Portland Trail Blazers at the 2020 NBA Trade Deadline is in reasonable doubt, according to Sam Amick of The Athletic. In a piece detailing 16 players likely to be moved [subscription required], Amick lists Love as a strong candidate, but not for Portland.

With the Blazers (16-23) sliding so far in the standings, it’s hard to envision them making that kind of move at the moment. What’s more, there is serious skepticism from key people close to the Blazers that Love will ever find his way to his home region team in the Northwest.

“Key people close to the Blazers” is an ambiguous term, but it’s interesting to note that not every wind is blowing Love towards home despite his talent and the Blazers’ need.

I wrote about Love to Portland earlier this week, kicking up quite a firestorm in the process. See the post here.