This season is rough (with poll)

I feel like every other game I go between LETS TANK, to LETS MAKE THE PLAYOFFS, to BIG TRADE, to KEEP PAT.

I mean there are 4 different paths to hopefully something meaningful.

Here are reasons for each one.


Lets be honest, nobody really wants this, but it does make sense. We are three losses from having the 5th pick in the draft with a 42% chance of a top 4 pick and a 10% chance of the #1 pick. We could trade it, we could draft someone who is ready play A La Anthony Edwards, James Wiseman.


Lets say we go on a tear like we usually do post all star break, Nurk comes back healthy and hungry, Zach has a great recovery and comes back a week or two after Nurk. They have a full month to get into the swing of things. We make it difficult for the Lakers but ultimately lose, but it is a big moral victory because of how the season has gone.


You can add in any person, Seems like the sixers fanbase has been turning on them, some people want to trade Horford, some Harris, some Richardson, some Simmons. Some still want Blake, Love, OPJ. Some want a smaller trade to shore up the bench.


Let the pieces fall where they may, try to make the playoffs come short get a lottery pick, make the playoffs get swept, let everyone heal and try again next year, make some middling trades/signings in the offseason to hopefully make our bench better.

Everyday I go back and forth. It's really conflicting. How do you feel about it?