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Where Does Al-Farouq Aminu Rank Among Trail Blazers Blue-Collar Greats?

Aminu did unheralded work during his Portland tenure. Was it enough to make him historically memorable?

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at New Orleans Pelicans Stephen Lew-USA TODAY Sports

We now stand at the tail end of a shortened Labor Day week during which this site discussed the contributions of former Trail Blazers forward Al-Farouq Aminu. Aminu was the blue-collar worker of this generation of Blazers, an appropriate subject for the holiday. Acknowledging his defense and willingness to step into unheralded roles, we’d like to know where Aminu ranks for you among all-time Trail Blazers blue-collar players. Many of them have played Aminu’s power forward position, but centers and wings might also qualify. (Side question: Has there ever been a true, blue-collar point guard?) As the weekend unfolds, go ahead and name the best blue-collar Blazers and tell us whether you think Aminu rises to their level, or where he ranks among the rolls of blue-collar greats.