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Trail Blazers Media Day: CJ McCollum Will Embrace Leader Role

McCollum is ready to build in Portland after signing an extension this summer.

Western Conference Finals - Golden State Warriors v Portland Trail Blazers Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

CJ McCollum shared his thoughts on Portland’s new roster, possible All-Star aspirations, and more at Portland Trail Blazers media day 2019.

  • McCollum talked about his extension and how he and Damian Lillard will be in Portland for the “foreseeable future.” He emphasized being a leader in the locker room and the Portland community.
  • Kent Bazemore has been a player that McCollum is already clicking with due to his work ethic and similar background coming from a small school.
  • McCollum said being an All-Star isn’t as big of a deal to him at this point in his career. He wants to contribute to the team in positive ways and play winning basketball more than anything else.
  • On his top 15 ranking on ESPN’s top 100 list, McCollum said: “Everyone has a right to their own opinion.” He said it doesn’t affect him one way or the other.