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[Podcast] Previewing the Houston Rockets With Brit Robotista

Brit Robotista joins the WHAT podcast to answer some of our burning questions about the Rockets.

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers at Houston Rockets Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Our friend Brit Robotista joined the WHAT Podcast to answer some CBA questions and give us a preview of the Houston Rockets. First we walk through the intrigue behind Nene’s contract and find out why it is making Houston fans mad. Then we dive into what it will be like when Russell Westbrook reunites with his old friend James Harden (and Thabo Sefolosha too!). What does the basketball look like? Who is the leader? Do the Rockets have any fun? We have questions and she has answers.

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1:00 Icebreaker: Damian Lillard recently asked for Netflix suggestions which got us thinking, if you could recommend a show to a specific player what show would you choose and who is watching?

5:45 What was the deal with Nene’s contract? Rockets attempted to use the likely/unlikely bonus provision in the NBA CBA to attempt to create a $10M trade exception.

13:30 But NBA used an existing part of the CBA (article 6) as well as additional powers temporarily granted to them by the NBPA to change the structure of the contract to have the majority of the contract not count towards the salary cap, except for ~$2.7M (and therefore prevent the contract from being used as a trade exception). Great resource to learn more: Mike Meltser Podcast from last Saturday.

17:30 About Houston, what are people saying right now about the big trade of Chris Paul for Westbrook?

20:10 How are people going to remember the Chris Paul years?

23:45 How is the basketball going to work? Harden or Westbrook will have to relent (aka stagger minutes), they will likely add some midrange game, and the addition of Thabo Sefolsha gets a bunch of the band back together.

28:15 Why don’t the Rockets seem like they are having any fun and what is it like to be a fan of a team centered around James Harden? Is he fun?

34:00 What are some things that people outside the market might not know about Harden?

37:00 Who is the leader of the team?

40:00 Thoughts on Portland Trail Blazers this season? Hassan Whiteside and Pau Gasol?

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