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Zach Collins or Anfernee Simons: Which will be the Better Blazer?

The Portland Trail Blazers exercised options on two young players yesterday. Which matters more?

NBA: Sacramento Kings at Portland Trail Blazers Steve Dykes-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday the Portland Trail Blazers exercised options on the contracts of forward Zach Collins and guard Anferness Simons. The moves were no-brainers. Each player represents potential at a reasonable cost, thanks to rookie-scale contracts and a host of hopes.

The simultaneous options raises a few questions for your consideration today. In the comment section below, we’d love to know:

  1. Which of the two do you think will become the better NBA player?
  2. Which will be more critical to Portland’s future?
  3. How much do you expect from each THIS YEAR?

I have no personal opinion on this. I know each player has advocates. I’m genuinely curious what the community thinks. Let us know below!